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Cheese Club: Prodigal Farms Spring Fever and Bearded Lady

Do you love cheese? Like really, really love cheese? Give in to your cheesy desires and join us for Cheese Club! Every quarter, we'll be highlighting a different cheese and celebrating its awesomeness. We'll nosh, we'll drink, we'll learn, and generally have a grand ol' time.

Here at Cheesemonster, we love supporting local, regional businesses... especially when those businesses happen to make ridiculously delicious cheese! Not only does Prodigal Farm of Rougemont, North Carolina make amazing cheese, but they are also a family farm that is centered around Animal Welfare Approved husbandry practices. On June 9th, we'll be deep diving into not one, but TWO of their springtime cheese, Spring Fever and Bearded Lady, with Prodigal's head cheesemaker, Kat Spann. Join us for an afternoon of learning, tasting, and fun!

A General Cheese Club Ticket gets you into the party. You'll get to taste the cheese of the month, try a few cheesy accompaniments, and sample a few beverage pairings. If you want to bring the party home, however, you might want to spring for a Premium Cheese Club Ticket: you get all the trimmings of a general ticket, plus you get to take home a quarter pound of our highlighted cheese!

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