Cheesemonster Studio DC


Cheesemonster is a mobile catering company with cozy Studio space in Brightwood Park NW Washington DC. Offering full service catering, prep kitchen for our signature artisan cheeseboards, restaurant seating for cheese and charcuterie boards as well as wine and beer

service Thursday-Saturday evenings, and space for private events and classes.

Private Classes

The world of cheese and wine is vast. Chemistry, history, geography, art, biology... you name it, you'll find in there somewhere. Fun, interactive, and, most importantly, delicious classes are a great way to bond with your friends and colleagues, discover new favorites, and maybe learn a little something too.  All classes can be held either in private residences, commercial/office spaces, or at the Studio.  8 person minimum for all classes.

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Cheese 101

Have you ever found yourself pondering deeply cheesy thoughts? What is cheese? Where does it come from? What makes certain cheeses smell, look, or taste the way that they do? Our Cheese 101 classes dive into all of your most pressing cheese questions. Whether you're interested in a certain style, region, up your cheese knowledge with one of our Cheese 101 classes!


Cheese and Beverage Pairing

Friends, drinks, and cheese - what could be better, right? This laid back class is all about learning how to pair various cheeses with beer, wine, or both. Learn all about how flavors work together to create some of the best combinations food and beverage has to offer!

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Cheeseboard Building

Does putting together a cheeseboard for your next party seem daunting? Let us help you! Whether it's learning how to pick out cheeses and accompaniments that will wow your guests, or put them together in a thoughtful and crowd-stunning way, our Cheeseboard Building classes will hone your plating skills! This style of class is super fun and interactive - great for groups!


Regional Wine and Cheese Pairing

The famous phrase, “what grows together, goes together” rings true for pairing food and drink from around the world.  A Sommelier will lead you through your chosen tasting experience in farming, viticulture and traditions from one of five major growing regions: Spain, France, Germany, Italy or USA.  Other countries available upon request.


Choose Your Own Varietal

Have you ever wondered what makes the same type of wine different depending on where it’s made?  In this class we will taste the same varietal side by side from 5 different countries and compare how the taste and personality reflect the terroir and spirit of its origin.  Popular varietals include:  Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay, Riesling, Pinot Noir, Cabernet Sauvignon, Rose (varied) and Sparkling Wine. Cheese pairings are available upon request.


Seasonal Wine and Cheese Pairing

Whether it’s light and breezy summertime Roses with goat cheese, spicy and bold Malbecs and aged Gouda for a crisp fall night or rich and decadent holiday dessert wines with Gorgonzola- we can custom craft the perfect pairing for any season.  Theme parties are our favorite, we can choose the perfect wine and cheese to fit any occasion.