Cheesemonster Studio DC
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Cheeseboard Displays

Carefully and beautifully constructed, Cheesemonster treats each cheese display like a delicious, ephemeral work of art. Regardless of the occasion, we can put together something gorgeous and one-of-a-kind for you and your guests. Get in touch to start planning your next cheeseboard or grazing table. Cheese display pricing includes on-site cheese display services at your home, office or chosen venue, serveware pick-up post-event, and disposable plates and napkins as requested.

Prices range from $20-$30 per person depending on the amount, selections and variety you would like on your board.

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Beverage Pairings

Need a fantastic selection of wine and beers for your event? We’re happy to do the work for you and deliver a unique and high quality array for your next party by the case or bottle.  We have the availability to simply source any beverage for your event and deliver it or provide bartending services and glassware for all your party needs.

Prices range from $30-$90 per person depending on your selections.  Each Selection includes a choice of Four (4) of the following: White, Red, Rose, Sparkling Wine and Bottled Beer in any combination  (Example: 2 Whites, 1 Red and 1 Beer Selection.)  Additional selections are available for an additional cost upon request.

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Private Classes

The world of cheese and wine is vast. Chemistry, history, geography, art, biology... you name it, you'll find in there somewhere. Fun, interactive, and, most importantly, delicious classes are a great way to bond with your friends and colleagues, discover new favorites, and maybe learn a little something too. All classes can be held either in private residences, commercial/office spaces, or at the Studio.

Prices range from $32-$140 per person depending on the class offerings, 8 person minimum.


Private Events At The Studio

Our Studio is 1000 sq ft with a full service prep kitchen, service bar, table and lounge seating.  We’re the perfect venue for your next shower, networking event, theme party or just an excuse to celebrate with friends.  Capacity for 20 seated or 30 standing. 

Food + Beverage Minimum $45 Per Person Sunday-Wednesday, $55 Per Person Thursday-Saturday, 10 Person Minimum.  Pricing is for a 2 Hour Event, Includes Set Up and Clean Up. Each Additional Hour Over 2 is $25 Per Person Minimum.


To Go Boards

The easiest way to enjoy our Cheeseboards is grab one to go! With a little notice, you can pick one up at our Studio or have it delivered to your home or office.

A small board for 7-10 people is $100, Medium for 10-15 is $150 and Large for 15-20 is $200. Delivery fees extra depending on the location.


Prices do not include 10% DC Sales tax and 20% service fee